Hi! I’m Robin Pawlak.


What can I tell you about myself? Well, I live in Red Deer, Alberta, with my beautiful bride and best buddy, AnnaMaria, and our ridiculous dog Casey. My wife and I have 3 grown children, all boys (men, we must grudgingly acknowledge) and 2 beautiful daughters-in-law.

In July, 2016, I retired after 31 years as a teacher. Day by day, I’m finding that I am able to spend less time softly moaning in the fetal position, and more time at my computer writing.

I’ve enjoyed writing (and related creative pursuits) since I was a kid. One day, realizing that I had always wanted to write a book, I said, “Hey. Why don’t I actually do something about that?” Over the course of about a year, my first novel, Space Cadets, was born.

At the time, my boys were just the right age to be a great audience. I read them chapters as I wrote them, and adjusted as necessary based on their response. Teaching elementary school at the time, I did likewise with my students. I loved it, and I think they did too. Once the book was finished came the part that was less fun. I found out that trying to get published was (then, at least) an onerous, time-consuming, soul-sucking endeavour. As a husband, father and teacher, I had very little time or energy for such pursuits. So the author dream was put on hold. “When I retire,” I told myself.

Guess what? I’m retired! I’ve jumped into the writing life with both feet, working on a variety of projects, including the pursuit of the long-hoped-for publication of Space Cadets. I’ve also stayed somewhat connected to my previous career, dropping by my former school on a fairly regular basis, and presenting at a number of teachers’ conventions across the province. And then of course, there’s this blog, where I record my ramblings for anyone who will read them. Like you . . .  hopefully . . .